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My townhouse went through over 2 years of my wife and I, and a toddler. Then we rented out to 3 different tenants over the course of 2 more years. Needless to say, the walls were in need of some TLC after holes, dings, dents and scrapes. The job seemed duanting to me and I knew I needed help. In comes Ian Buckley at Lorax Constructors to the rescue. In a matter of hours, Ian and his partner had the place looking show home new, repairing everything. I was very pleased walking into the house and looking closely at very spot that was previously in need of repair. It was flawless. And the work was done at a very reasonable cost. I know that Ian specializes in custom work, and absolutely loves everything related to the bathroom, but even as a handy man to get the little jobs done, he is a expert and I would highly recommend him to my clients and those in my circle for any related work. Great job Ian!

Adam Williams 



Ian is a talented artist when it comes to custom renovations, with an eye for unique design while providing functionality. His work has a touch of classic with modern elements. Therefore the quality shines through while complimenting the goals you are looking to create style wise. 


He also has great knowledge of different techniques you can use with different materials. His works includes everything from woodworking, to cement work and also metals. I enjoy the combination of styles and I also appreciate his flare for excellence.  I recommend him for any project, however specifically when you want to create the design of your dreams.

Mercedes Treeter 


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